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Hair Colour Correction Services at Oasis Hair & Beauty Salon in Queensferry, Flintshire

Hair Colour Correctionat Oasis Hair & Beauty Queensferry Flintshire

Have you had a hair colouring experience that’s gone horribly wrong? Whether you used a DIY home dye kit or had your hair coloured at a different salon, our highly trained team of colour technicians at Oasis Hair & Beauty Salon in North Wales have over 30 years of experience dealing with hair colour disasters. This means our skilled team are equipped to deal with your hair colour problems and likely will have seen and deal with the problem before! Your hair is in safe hands at Oasis Hair & Beauty Salon.

Make sure to come in for a consultation at our salon in Queensferry, Flintshire so that our hair colour experts can assess the damage done to your hair. From here we can work out a plan of action to improve the colour, condition & appearance of your hair.

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You should book an appointment as soon as you can after your hair colour disaster so that the professionals at our salon can begin the colour correction process quickly & efficiently! There’s no need to be embarrassed as we are the hair colour correction experts in Queensferry, Flintshire, so we’ve seen it all before!

Common Hair Colour Problems

There are many common hair colour problems, from over bleaching to hair that’s turned brassy or yellow. At your consultation, we will assess the condition of your hair and put a plan in place to restore your hair to a colour you’ll love. As an accredited Training Academy, we are highly equipped to deal with whatever your hair colour problem may be.

Although we know it is tempting to try to fix your hair colour yourself at home, do not do this! You are likely to damage your hair further, and colour correction is not as simple as just putting another colour on your hair. Instead, let the hair colour experts at Oasis Hair & Beauty fix your hair colour to avoid further hair colour disasters!

Repairing Over-Processed & Dry Hair 

If your hair has been over-processed it can appear dull & lifeless as it becomes dry & brittle. There are many factors that can cause this such as overexposure to the sun, sea or chlorine, as well as your hair being incorrectly coloured. To fix this problem, we need to restore the moisture that has been lost back into your hair. Once this problem is solved we can apply a new colour to leave your hair looking vibrant & healthy once more.

Improving Uneven Hair Tones 

Colouring your hair isn’t as easy as it seems, and using at home dye kits can often end in disaster as your hair colour ends up being patchy or doesn’t come out the same colour as advertised on the box.

Our colour experts at Oasis Hair & Beauty Salon have over 30 years of experience, which means we can create the best hair colour results! So, leave it to us to create a hair colour you love.

If you colour your hair at home you may get uneven hair tones and bands of overlapping colour throughout your hair. But don’t worry! At our Queensberry, Flintshire salon, we can correct all these hair colour issues.

We will assess each part of your hair at your consultation and discuss how we will correct your hair colour problem. We will deal with each strand of hair separately using specific techniques, colours and tones on each section of the hair depending on the colour issues you have. Once we are done this will result in a gorgeous, even hair colour that looks fabulous!

Book Your Hair Colour Correction Appointment at Oasis Hair & Beauty Salon in North Wales

Let our hair colour experts deal with your hair colour disaster! Book an appointment at Oasis Hair & Beauty Salon in Queensferry, Flintshire by calling us on 01244 823 300 or book online using the button at the side of the page.

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